Custom Software Development

Custom software can help your business in so many ways. You want your employees to be as efficient as possible and to achieve that they need the right tools. Software doesn't need to be expensive because with the right team, your custom software projects will have amazing ROI's.

The projects that spark our interest have far and deep reaching business impacts. New revenue streams, better ways to please your customers or just make your business more efficient, we are all in.


Software APIs

Did you know that your applications can send data out to other services? Well thats what an Application Programming Interface (API) is for. In our applications we build them in so that you can leverage the data in any other application you want.

This means that what ever data you are collecting can be used in other applications to generate maximum value for you.


Web Scrapping tools

Web scrapping is a method of collecting data from websites in a highly automated way. Kind of a set it and forget it method. Imagine if you needed stock information for testing algorithms or weather data to build up your own repository of data. You could even build one to scan the web for tenders or other opportunities.

The possibilities are endless with web scrapping and its applicable when you find yourself going to a website often to "check for something".


Data Services

The hype these days seems to be about data. You know data is so valuable because it helps you make better informed decisions which lead to better results. How are you leveraging your data in meaningful ways. If you are wondering "what data do we even have?" then we need to talk. It can be as simple as employee logs or as complicated as the routes our drivers take.

All information is useful only if you use it to learn and execute on those learnings. Don't let your data go to waste.


Internet of Things (IoT)

The world is full of electronics and sometimes that makes us wonder "wouldn't it be cool if we could make a...". Well the truth is that you probably could make it, or we could make it. The brains that make electronics work are the micro controllers and we are great at understanding them and making them do what we need to.

There are probably a thousand ways electronics could enhance your business. Are you willing to try?


Prototyping Services

So you have an idea that could transform your business but need to test it out first. That's what prototypes are for. They give you something workable that you can use to validate assumptions or validate need.

Whether you need a sensor or a software package prototype, we could help because of our access to skill.