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racVert custom dashboard development

Custom software is a competitive advantage

At racVert, we build business software and web applications to help companies reduce costs and reach higher levels of performance. We customise new technologies, as appropriate for each client and context, in order to deliver superior results.

The software solutions we build work across devices, in the cloud. We synthesize data collection, automated notifications, dashboards and analytics into elegant business tools.

racVert data collection systems and analytics

Data Collection Solutions

racVert builds custom software enables quick and easy data collection anywhere.

We use mobile apps, web apps and the internet of things, depending on the business need. We collect data from:

  • Physical and digital customer touch points
  • Administrative processes
  • Industrial equipment
  • Mobile GPS sensors
  • Photos
  • Third party sources
  • And many more sources.

Capture value with custom data collection software.

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Filling in paper forms was hard.
The app from racVert makes everything easier.

Bridgette (Sales Representative)

racVert data collection systems and analytics

Custom Dashboards and Analytics

Every manager needs a customised dashboard.

At racVert, we build dashboards and analytic tools to improve management decisions. Having the right information enables faster and more accurate decision making, which helps control costs and business results.

Get continuous reporting with custom software.

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The training by racVert was fun.
We look forward to using the app.

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Quality management systems

Online information systems make it possible to monitor quality broadly and in detail. Measure delays and do spot checks from anywhere in the world.

We have built solutions to monitor and control:

  • Factory production
  • Customer interactions
  • Regulatory compliance processes
  • Administrative functions

Speed up processes without compromising quality with a custom software solutoin.

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racVert sensor devices

It is so amazing to have our own app!

Sarah (CEO)

racvert rapid prototyping

Cost saving solutions

The right software saves time and money. That is why our experts work hard to build a customised app that is right for you. At racVert, we only do projects where we are convinced that it will deliver a high return on investment.

Our projects often have far reaching business impact: software can create new revenue streams, increase customer satisfaction and improve operational efficiency.

Improve your bottom line by upgrading your tools.

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Technologies we use

node red developer
Node Red
Node Red is open-source library for programming IoT devices and dashboards.
laravel developer
Laravel is a powerful framework for building robust and secure web apps for businesses.
php developer
PHP is a our preferred back-end programming language.
vue.js developer
Vue is a modern front-end JavaScript framework for building fast, single-page applications.
MySQL developer
MySQL is an open-source relational database. It is simple and effective.

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