How to turn data into quality insights

racVert builds systems to generate insights from business processes and smart devices. We gather business process data including from documents and data entered manually by employees, either on a mobile application or a web browser. In addition, we connect to devices over the internet through application program interfaces.

High-level architecture diagram showing the flow of data into dashboards.


Option 1: Concise Charts for Quick Insights

There is an array of standard charts we can include into a dashboard. It is feasible to illustrate the latest data in any chart, as shown in the examples blow.

Example bar and line chart
Example radar chart
Example bubble chart

Option 2: Advanced infographics for interrogating data

More sophisticated users may prefer to interact with information in an advanced chart. We can recommend any advanced chart based on the business context and the insights required.

Example: Interactive multi-series pie chart with random data
Example: Interactive cord diagram showing linked leadershipc competencies

Option 3: Advanced Integrations

racVert can integrate advanced visualisations from thrid parties into custom dashboards. The example integration below is a hypthetical dashboard for monitoring a construction project, which shows the potential for sharing up-to-date site information.

Example: virtual site inspection integrated into a dashboard


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