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Custom software is a competitive advantage

At racVert, we build business software that reduces costs and boosts performance.

We customise new technologies, as appropriate for each client and context, in order to deliver superior results. The software solutions we build work across devices, in the cloud. It synthesizes data collection, automated notifications, dashboards and analytics into elegant business tools.

racVert data collection systems and analytics


Technology Roadmaps

It is a lot of work keeping track of technological opportunities. At racVert, we share our up to date knowledge to help clients achieve practical and profitable software solutions. A large part of this work is planning a series of achievable steps, where each upgrade pays for the next one.

Case study

Roadmap for a multi-sided market place

For example, we have worked on a multi-sided marketplace that went from a minimum viable product to a popular platform. Our approach minimized the investment at risk, while making continuous progress.

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racVert data collection systems and analytics

Process innovation

Business Process Automation

It is possible to improve employee productivity by automating routine tasks, such as entering data, running calculations, generating documents, sending notifications, etc. The result is improved operational efficiency: freeing time and money.

Case study

Process automation in manufacturing and distribution

In one project, we have helped digitise a company's manufacturing and distribution facilities across multiple cities. The project combined web applications, mobile applications and application program interfaces. The result was reduced errors, less rework and higher throughput.

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Report Automation

Timely information, presented with clarity, can save businesses from costly mistakes. At racVert, we integration data from employees, devices, spreadsheets and databases into real-time dashboards. We present all this in automatically generated interactive visualisations.

Case study

Reporting for auditing processes

For example, we have set up a online portal for collecting data and managing data collection for the specific purpose of business process audits. The project significantly reduced the burden of audits on employees and freed up their time to focus on their primary assignments.

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Vasheer Ramdeen, Technical Director
Vasheer Ramdeen
Technical Director

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Robert Louw
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